Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Birthday

I am not going to say how many years young, but if you know me, the big 60 is getting way too close!!! The kids had a birthday party/ cookout on the Saturday we got back from Red River. Good burgers and hotdogs a big thanks, to Chance, our outdoor family chef. Yummy cake and Bluebell
ice cream!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Red River here we come........ bye 110 degrees

Well as much as I love summer , I also love our week every year in the mountains. During the summer, we get together with Mark's brother and family, for trout fishing , ladder golf, pitching washers, campfires, hot chocolate, and goooood food! We have been doing this for probably 18 years. We have gone from campers , to duplexes, to 4 bedroom cabins and from cooking every meal to eating out every night!!! (as we get older we need more luxuries). We have been in Red River the past several years and it is so much fun and good fishing. This year was no exception. We caught some really nice ones. Of course, Mark's fish isn't as big as mine and Cindy's but I am pretty sure he caught the most fish!!!!
Heath is the baby of the kids so he has gotten the better end of our "camping days" LOL

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summertime Fun With The Grandkids

I love summer . I love summer clothes, hot weather, swimming, yard work, cooking out with friends, but most of all I love my grandkids visits. Cutter and Cambry came first this time . Chesley will be here after broadway camp at the Amarillo Little Theatre. Papaw and I had so much fun . It is so funny how much energy we seem to have when they are here and how much they make us laugh! Its like having our kids litttle again with more money and time to entertain!!!! LOL

Monday, June 29, 2009

Papaw's Day with Cutter

Not a lot of guess work about what these two did!!!! FISHING of course! Cutter has a tackle box that is nearly as big as he is and he know's every lure and how to fish with it thanks to his fishing videos and the WII Bass fishing game. They went to a farm pond and well I will let the pictures speak for me. Afterwards, they went for hot dogs at Sonic and then back to our dock and swam. Mark asked Cutter if he was ready to go home and he wanted to see if he could catch a perch or two ,or three ,or twenty-three. That's right 3 hours later they were still fishing!!!!!

Nana's Day with Cambry

Saturday, Cambry and I had a day to ourselves. We decided to do a little shopping and eat out for lunch. The shopping was great she found lots of cute things. The lunch ......well lets just say we are very particular about our Asian foods. The very popular restaurant we chose was awful or maybe we just picked the wrong foods but our favorite place in good ole Canyon Texas is 10 times better. We left nearly all our food and went to Burger King. We laughed all the way home.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun Day Out

We love summer because our grandkids get to come for a visit. Cambry and Cutter got to come first and we have had soooo much fun. Yesterday we went bowling. Cutter bowled several strikes and spares. Cambry got her thumb stuck in her bowling ball several times. Nana well she needs more practice........

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cambry Designs My Blog.....

I have followed my daughters and granddaughters blogs for some time. My granddaughter Cambry, has devoted part of her summer vacation to teach her Nana how to blog. Now that is not an easy task. However, with her patience, guidance, and blogging abilities she has designed my blog. She also
has begun one of her greatest challenges.....
to teach me how to post on this blog. Thank you, Cambry.